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This course is dedicated to the students and professionals that have not yet interacted with ALLPLAN. The main objective of the course is the initiation in BIM - Building Information Modeling, through presenting basic workflow notions for BIM and integrating a complete guideline to create an architecture and engineering project: from a 2D plan view to a 3D model, renders and layouts, from 2D reinforcement details to a 3D model and the complete extraction and adnotation of details, all will be explained starting from a basic, easy to understand building and design brief. We will capitalise on offering a complete information brief that will give the student key know-how and procedures for working in ALLPLAN.

What is BIM? Find more here!

In order to access the lessons needed for this course you have to first enroll and then access the button named Accesează conținut.
The participation diploma for this course will be offered based on the completion of the feedback form and the quizzes from the ending of each video tutorial.

Course content:

Module 1 – Introduction to ALLPLAN

1. Lesson 1 - Presenting the interface to ALLPLAN 

2. Lesson 2 - 2D Exercise: Drawing a wardrobe

3. Lesson 3 - 2D Exercise: Drawing a cartridge for a layout

4. Lesson 4 - 3D Exercise: Modelling a coffe table

5. Lesson 5 - 3D Exercise: Modelling a chaise longue

Durtion: 65 minutes

Module 2 - Architecture project

6. Lesson 6 - Import NDW file: Axis

7. Lesson 7 - Working with wizards

8. Lesson 8 - Creating a foundation plate

9. Lesson 9 - Stair wizard for the standard creation of stairs

10. Lesson 10 - Creating walls and columns

11. Lesson 11 - Custom planes

12. Lesson 12 - Creating the openings for doors and windows

13. Lesson 13 - Creating a corner window

14. Lesson 14 - Creating the roof plates

15. Lesson 15 - Interior finish: creating Rooms

16. Lesson 16 - 2D Plan view dimension lines

17. Lesson 17 - Generating architectural reports

18. Lesson 18 - DTM: Modelling the terrain and creating the entourage with help from the library

19. Lesson 19 - Export/import a project and ALLMENU

Duration: 100 minutes

Module 3 - Generating UVS (Views, sections) and presentation images

20. Lesson 20 - Generating sections and views

21. Lesson 21 - The modification of the representation in sections and views

22. Lesson 22 - Height dimension lines

23. Lesson 23 - Creating presentation images (render)

Duration: 45 minutes

Module 4 - Creating and editing the layouts

24. Lesson 24 - Creating and organising the layouts

25. Lesson 25 - Creating details from layout elements and exporting the layouts

Duration: 12 minutes

Module 5 - Modelling and detailing reinforcement views

26. Lesson 26 - Wall reinforcement: extruding based on a path

27. Lesson 27 - Slab reinforcement using surface reinforcement

28. Lesson 28 - Slab reinforcement: reinforcement with wire mesh

29. Lesson 29 - Python Parts reinforcement: slab limit casing

30. Lesson 30 - Wall reinforcement detailing and dimensioning

31. Lesson 31 - Slab surface reinforcement detailing and dimensioning

32. Lesson 32 - Copying the reinforcement from one level to another

33. Lesson 33 - Copying the slab reinforcement from one level to another

34. Lesson 34 - Copying the reinforcement and detailing in existing model

Duration: 60 minutes

Total video content duration: aprox. 5 hours
Based on your experience, the work duration for this course varies from 10 hours to 20 hours.


How to get the ALLPLAN license

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Are you a graduate?

Download the ALLPLAN trial version, with a valability of 14 days, based on the installation procedure.



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